Judge Maris is a District Court Judge in Durham, North Carolina appointed to the bench by Governor Roy Cooper in July 2017 and retained by the people of Durham in the November 2018 general election. Judge Maris presides in Criminal Court, Traffic Court, Domestic Violence Court and Civil Child Support Court. She is also one of Durham's Family Court Judges. 


Judge Maris is committed to working on issues that affect our youth and families and to seeing a court system that truly embraces the fair administration of justice for all. In 2014, Judge Maris was nominated for the North Carolina Bar Association's Chief Justice Award for her past work establishing a public expunction clinic in Durham, and she continues to be dedicated to developing systemic approaches to improving the courts and access to justice.


In January 2018, Judge Maris brought together government, community

and court partners to develop a first-of-its kind court-referral program in the area of expunctions and certificates of relief designed to help Durham residents obtain a fresh start through new opportunities at employment, housing and education. This program, called The Durham Expunction and Restoration (DEAR) Program, launches publicly in 2019 and will include driver's license restoration legal services as well as expungement of criminal records.


After nearly 11 years as a public defender before becoming a judge in 2017, Judge Maris understands the significance of a judge's ruling from witnessing the impact on her former clients over the years. She renders her decisions carefully, respectfully and in full consideration of the law, and she always remembers to show those who come before her the attention and compassion they deserve. It is her honor to serve the people of Durham as one of their District Court judges.

 A vote for Judge Maris is a vote to move justice forward.  Please remember to make your voice heard every election!